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DIY Black Mold Detection

diy black mold detection

Testing For Black Mold 

In almost all homes, toxic black mold remains a significant issue of concern. Due to the many health implications associated with this type of mildew, homeowners struggle to keep it under control. Black mold species thrive in the dampest parts of the house, producing lethal pollution in the air quality. As a result, their intensification causes serious allergy complications that can lead to asthma, bronchitis, and lung infections. There are various upcoming mold removal techniques in the market. However, due to risk exposures while handling black mold, it is not wise to embark on an eradication journey without adequate know-how. The thumb rule is to remove black mold safely without putting anyone at risk.

How to Safely Test for Black Mold

Amongst the common areas to check for black mold, kitchens, basements, and bathrooms remain at the top of the list. Mold relies on water to sprout, so any humid and wet environment offers an ideal formation ground. For easy detection, start with a simple smell and sight inspection around the house. As the name suggests, it is easy to root out a black mold issue by observing black discolored marks on floors and walls. Additionally, a stale smell in the air may indicate black mold growth.  Also, if home occupants experience repeat respiratory issues, it is ideal to consider black mold testing.

The observations mentioned may act as a guideline on whether you have a black mold issue in your house or not. The next step is to get a lasting solution that controls further intensification. There are two viable options to help you address the issue: use a simple DIY test kit or hire an expert to do the work for you.

At Discount Water and Mold Removal, we perform quality air testing sampling to identify any mold formation within your home or business premises. Our effective apparatus distinguishes various mold growth even in the most hidden parts of your house and recommends subsequent removal processes. Keep in mind that if you leave black mold unattended for a long time, it might cost you more in detrimental health issues.

DIY Options to Detect Black Mold

If you opt to do mold testing on your own, get a practical test kit for valid results. Even if some options claim to give reliable results, watch out for fraud in the market. Some of these DIY kits require one to collect samples and take them to designated laboratories for analysis. However, if your DIY test kit manages to identify mold spores on the spot, it is best to refer to a professional to get proper mold removal tactics. Here are other features you should look for in a dependable DIY mold test kit.

  • Instant results

There is a recent upsurge of mold removal alternatives that offer rapid results. A reliable kit should detect mold in less than 15 minutes. Some of these devices signify mold formation by changing from one color to another. This concept came from food manufacturing companies that use a similar approach to validate proper food handling. The only drawback with this method is that the kits may change color to anything else, sharing organic properties with mold.

  • Specifically Made to Detect Black Mold

With various strains of black mold, proper detection becomes an intricate process. Consider getting an explicit kit that identifies multiple species of black mold and differentiates one from the other for suitable eradication measures.

Bottom Line

Despite various DIY mold testing kits flooding the market, the US Environmental Protection Agency does not endorse the trend. Handling black mold without professional help exhibits a whole load of health hazards. Even if the kits offer primary confirmation, getting a pro to test and remove black mold works within the health guidelines set.


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